Rebirth Wellness Safari

Rebirth Wellness Safari


The African Wild brings you a world class wellness safari facilitated in the heart of Africa’s bio-diverse beauty and the biggest inland delta on planet earth – the Okavango Delta. We feel there is no better suited place for your Rebirth. You can truly break free and rediscover the roots of your human experience in the locations you stay during your time with Rebirth.  You can connect your senses, the environment, the landscapes and the abundance of wildlife which allows you to truly reconnect with yourself.

Whether you’re an executive, a professional, spouse, a parent or an employee, chances are you’re suffering from the stress, burnout and anxiety infusing every part of the world right now. It’s hard enough trying to deal with the pressures of your company, practice or business venture even in the best of times: but add the disruption and chaos of Covid-19, economic uncertainty, ill or frightened family members – or even the pain of bereavement and other losses – to the mix, and the effect can be overwhelming.

Rebirth Wellness Safaris combines the thrill of Africa – with its wildlife, its wisdom and its wonders – with the equally exciting experience of recovery that lasts.

Our programme is suitable for those suffering from fatigue, burnout, anxiety and all their related conditions, including substance use, or anyone wanting to recover their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

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